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About Mosaic Technologies

Mosaic Technologies is an international IT consultancy firm that delivers complete document solutions. Specialising in variable data publishing, imaging and document management, Mosaic offers its client end-to-end document solutions.


Partnerships and alliances with industry leading suppliers mean Mosaic can offer service and support across a range of platforms.


Mosaic's clients have previously been concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region.  As the company expands, Mosaic is extending its reach into the US and European markets. With offices in Brisbane, Australia and in Bangalore, India, Mosaic Technologies can offer clients 24/7 support, as well as greater access to 'follow-the-sun' production, which is particularly important for projects with tight deadlines.


Mosaic's presence in India affords our clients access to a large pool of highly qualified and cost effective resources, meaning clients get the skilled workers they need without the expense of maintaining domestic resource pools.  All Indian-based consultants are trained to the highest international standards ensuring efficient and effective service levels are maintained.


Company founder and managing director, Mr Arunava Chatterjee has extensive experience working with global IT, print, banking and insurance companies, providing research, analysis, briefings and consulting in the area of document solutions.

The Mosaic difference

  • Fast start-up time for projects with tight deadlines
  • Access to 'follow-the-sun' production
  • A large pool of experienced developers and business analysts, giving you increased capacity without the expense or difficulty of maintaining local resource pools
  • Immediate expert help when projects go off-course
  • Industry standard quality
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